Rebecca developed her passion for teaching whilst studying at The University of York under Susan Lowe. During her time here, Rebecca travelled extensively around the United Kingdom observing as well as taking part in masterclasses with artists such as Alexander Baillie and Raphael Wallsfisch. Teaching lower strings is now an integral part of Rebecca’s career and she currently works for a number of educational authorities around Scotland (more)

As well as incorporating aspects of the Kodaly approach within her lower strings teaching, Rebecca is also a qualified colourstrings tutor. She enjoys the interaction between teacher and pupil and is keen to share with others the enjoyment that she gains from playing the cello.

“My hour with Miss Green on a Wednesday morning is my favourite hour of the whole week” P3 student, Victoria Primary School

“Matthew loves playing the cello and looks forward to his lesson every Saturday” Parent, Saturday morning Centre

Rebecca teaches all ages and abilities from beginner to diploma/degree level and is continuously exploring new and exciting approaches to her teaching. With an equal emphasis on instrumental technique and musical/artistic growth, Rebecca is motivating and keen to promote a positive attitude towards home practice.

Rebecca is flexible and fully insured under the musicians union to teach from her own home or, if prefered, to travel to the student’s home.

For more information contact Rebecca on 07709302386 or rebecca@celloscotland.co.uk